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Established in 2006, Medicus Inc., as an OHIP billing agent, has been providing excellent and reliable OHIP billing services for physicians in Ontario for over 18 years. Medicus Inc. is here to help you by saving you time and taking over the compliance, error-checking, reconciliation, processing, electronic submission, billing files management, and other stresses and headaches associated with OHIP billing. We're here to help.

We are in full compliance with legal and privacy laws and we correct billing inconsistencies and violations so that you don't get audited by OHIP. Medicus Inc. can also help you maximize billing inefficiencies, so that we maximize your revenue from OHIP. Your energy and effort can be focused on your medical duties, while as a medical leader and manager, you delegate the clerical and administrative work in OHIP billing to the professionals at Medicus Inc. for very low cost. Medicus Inc. has become a leader in the industry by ensuring the proper payment of OHIP claims to physicians in adherence with the latest Schedule of Benefits. Contact us today to find out what solutions we have matched to your practice and locum billing needs. For a reliable and empathetic OHIP billing agent in Toronto, look no further.

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